2020 Alpine A110S Price, Specs, Interior

2020 Alpine A110S Price, Specs, Interior – This is the 110S the newest version of alkenes lightweight sports car. It has a few exciting tweaks, new suspension, better brakes of standard, new wheels, wider tires and while it sticks rigidly to the lightweight principles of the standard a 110. It also crucially has been blessed with way more power.

2020 Alpine A110S Changes

Exterior Design

So they’ve made serious changes to the power, but that’s not the only tweak. They’ve also given it quite a big working over elsewhere. The car has a superb signature matte grey paint job, a carbon fibre flag emblem, orange brake callipers and new GT race wheels. With fatter tires 215 millimetres on the front and 245 on the rear.

The significant change though is the suspension. They’ve dropped the ride height by four millimetres made the spring stiffer by 50%. And made the anti-roll bars 100 per cent more rigid. That explains the more severe demeanour on track. It’s a big step, but it’s a step that has the potential to change the 110S character. And not necessarily for the better.

So how have those changes affected the way the 110S performs on the road. Well, the first thing you notice is this thing rides beautifully. Usually, when you have a car that performs so well on the racetrack. It kind of lets itself down out on the road. It’s too noisy, too unrefined, too harsh all of those things. The 2020 Alpine A110S is none of those things.

2020 Alpine A110S Exterior

2020 Alpine A110S Exterior

I’m gonna keep it real, this was meant to be the part of the review. Where I was gonna say Alpine have cocked it up. They had a perfectly good car. But they tried to chase performance on the track at the expense of comfort and refinement on the road. But they haven’t, it’s brilliant.

Part of that is down to the use of the car of double wishbone suspension front and rear. In case you don’t know what that means, it’s the right type. This allows the tires to maintain better contact with the road surface. And also allows a considerable amount of vertical movement of the wheels within the arches. Without the need to increase the ride height.

In other words, the in hair design of the standard car suspension had vast amounts of pliancy, to begin with. So they had loads of headroom to make things even stiffer in the 110s. Without hurting the right comfort.

Interior Design

The chassis is made out of aluminium. The roof is now available in carbon fibre, that saves a couple of kilos. The centre console is hollow. Not that convenient for hiding your things. But it does keep weight. The speakers aren’t made out of Kevlar. They’re made out of flax linen. Whatever that is, sounds good.

The seats only weigh about 13 kilos, half the weight of a standard sport seat. And even the wipers don’t have water nozzles. The Jets are integrated directly into the wipers themselves. So they can clean more efficiently. More efficient cleaning means you need less water. Needing less water means you can have a smaller water reservoir, and that means less weight.

2020 Alpine A110S Interior

2020 Alpine A110S Interior

There are downsides to this weight, of course. You don’t get as many creature comforts, and the car is less practical than almost anything. It has two boots but doesn’t get your hopes up too high because both are extremely small. Inside there’s no glove box only one cup holder. No door pockets and the technology seems a step behind what we’d expect from a modern car.

The infotainment system is based on a 7-inch touchscreen, located up here on the dashboard. It looks okay, but it’s not exactly cutting-edge. You get Bluetooth, DAB radio, sat-nav but here’s the killer. It’s actually quite unintuitive and unresponsive. And it doesn’t come with Android auto or apple car play. So most of the time, you end up just using your phone.

2020 Alpine A110S Engine

Think of the 2020 Alpine A110S as the sporty version of the standard a 110. The big news is that it now makes a shedload more power. It uses the same engine as a conventional car. 1.8-litre four-cylinder Turbocharged Dobby. But now they’ve cranked up the boost pressure, that means you now get a massive 292 horsepower. Which is a 40 horsepower increase over the previous class 252. And immediately it just feels so much stronger, so much more willing to accelerate.

The way it delivers its power is also different from before. Max power is now reached at 6,400 rpm as opposed to 6,000 rpm. So you got to bring it out that a little bit extra to get back at the maximum shop. The torque is also powerful, you get a lot of shove 320 Newton meters to be precise. And that’s developed between 2,000 rpm and 6400 rpm. And that’s the sweet spot really.

2020 Alpine A110S Engine

2020 Alpine A110S Engine

6400 is where you find yourself having to shift up, to get the perfect acceleration every single time. The acceleration of the line hasn’t really changed all that much. For the extra power, you now accelerate from nought to 60 and four-point four as opposed to four points five. But in-gear acceleration is definitely approval.

The car just feels a lot more willing than ever to accelerate through the gears. And catapult you around the track. And it sounds glorious, it might only be a four-cylinder. But Wow they’ve worked magic with that exhaust.

In terms of handling the 110S feels like a much more severe car than before. The old car was almost comical in the way we rolled about three of the corners. That was so much lean through the bends. But here, it feels like a much more focused car.

2020 Alpine A110S Price and Release Date

Fundamentally then, this is a card designed for driving a pleasure. Maybe at the expense of everything else. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Any ingredients that weren’t totally necessary have been left out. Leaving a perfectly focused “driving machine”.

The a1 10’s is clearly a winner. It’s a fabulous piece of design. It’s first, fun and with a unique character that makes it arguably the best in its class. If you’re looking for a sports car that’s been designed with all the fundamentals needed to deliver speed. One that sacrifice is almost nothing in that pursuit. There really aren’t many cars that do it better.