2020 GMC 2500 HD AT4 Price, Specs, Colors

2020 GMC 2500 HD AT4 Price, Specs, Colors – I’m back here at Dick Norris Buick GMC because guess what. This is the all-new, and we have it first here on radius rides 2020 GMC 2500 HD. But the letters don’t stop there, go ahead and add AT and the number 4. what that means is this is GMC’s first-ever full-size heavy-duty truck that is off-road capable. The whole design of this truck is to go up versus that Ram, Power Wagon, and new for 2020 as well the Ford Tremor.

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Exterior Design

Let’s go ahead and dive into this 2020 GMC 2500 HD AT4, right off the bat what I love about GM sees they just look like a truck. And the great news about this AT4, it’s not like the Denalis with a bunch of bling-bling chrome. I love what’s going on full-LED headlights; you have your daytime running lamps that wrap around the perimeter and nice C shaped design. I didn’t think it’s kind of cool how they separate this section of lighting. Just to give it a little bit more personality.

Now, as we drop down, you can see, we have even more lighting. Full LED fog lamps, the best part is there’s no fake vents or anything funky going on at the front end of the business. If you look at its sister truck the Silverado 2500 with that redesign. It sort of looks like a transformers cartoon advertisement. But definitely, this thing is just very large and in charge.

2020 GMC 2500 HD AT4 Exterior

2020 GMC 2500 HD AT4 Exterior

As we come across that front grille, love the horizontal slots that massive GMC logo with the iconic darker red color in there. Really just fits the truck to a tee. up on the front part of the hood, you have the functional hood scoop. This isn’t like the Toyotas, where it’s just like a pencil box. This thing is gonna flow air for that 6.6-liter turbo diesel engine. Gives it just a mean angry look, and I’m liking it. Now, as we drop-down, it’s sitting on a factory-installed two-inch lift. So that’s why this is higher than your regular 2500 HD.

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What you’ll notice is you have those bright red toe hooks. These things are not meant for you to be pulled out; this is for you to be doing the pulling as you take them out. Upfront, you are gonna have a two-speed transfer case. And at all four corners are specifically tuned Rancho suspension. I really love this lower area, I’m glad they went with the flat black. Don’t need to put a lot of gloss, especially on this particular one being all black. Member, you do have a couple of different color options. I’m gonna point out one camera here on the grill. This GMC has 15 different cameras from all angles, that’s a lot of technology that’s going to help you get down that off-road terrain.

Interior Design

Now we’re in the 2020 GMC 2500 HD AT4. I know you’re probably saying yourself, I want a big bad truck to take off-roading to go down some off terrain situations. How much is this, the way that this one sits is an MSRP of around seventy-seven thousand two hundred and ninety dollars. Let’s see what you get for the money. Now to the door panels very very basic, but they did do some stuff to kind of try hard to spruce things up for the AT4. What’s unique is gonna be that brown contrast stitching in the armrest.

2020 GMC 2500 HD AT4 Interior

2020 GMC 2500 HD AT4 Interior

The armrest is on the harder side like a rock that you’re probably going to be trying to get around or get over. You do have the contrast stitching and some softer material at the top portion of the door panel. A little bit of this faux carbon-fiber design. Which I don’t get, I don’t understand why they put that material for the grab handle to open and close the door. And then, of course, you have the large pockets down there where you could put in Encyclopedia Brittanica and a drink down there.

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We get to the center stack, this is where it gets a little wonky. You know they redesigned the exterior. They did not do much of anything with the infotainment system. So an eight-inch system, it’s a nice system. It’s got apple Carplay, Android auto, swipe features are really nice. You got your navigation, it’s fairly handy.

2020 GMC Sierra 2500HD Engine

Let’s go ahead we talked about the exterior, let’s pop that hood and check out that turbo diesel engine. Alright, guys, we got the massive hub popped. Underneath that hood like I said, it is a functional air scoop that feeds. You can see the locations at the back of the hood. But what you’re looking at underneath the hood is that 6.6 liter Duramax turbo-diesel engine at the end of the day 445 horsepower. That’s not really the big news, the big news is 910 pound-feet of torque. It’s all gonna go through that 10-speed automatic transmission.

2020 GMC 2500 HD AT4 Engine

2020 GMC 2500 HD AT4 Engine

Now remember, with this truck, you have eighteen thousand five hundred pounds of towing capacity. With a thirty-five thousand five hundred max tow rating. Factory-installed exhaust brake on this GMC 2500 HD. You are also going to get off course skid plates underneath to protect all the and her bits. So you don’t rip off any of the important pieces as you’re going offroading. And that tells you the capability of this vehicle. Now, if you’re wondering well how much does this truck weighs, it weighs in at six thousand nine hundred pounds. With the four by four capability, the two-speed transfer case. It really does showcase GMC’s intention with this AT4.

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It’s unbelievable what GMC is doing with their trucks and to their vehicles. And definitely, this 2020 GMC 2500 HD AT4 is something that really can do just about anything. Definitely going up against competition from RAM and now Ford. But if these are the trucks that you like to see these big specialty offroad trucks.