2020 Volkswagen e-Golf Configurations, Interior, Price

2020 Volkswagen e-Golf Configurations, Interior, Price – This 2020 Volkswagen e-Golf so it’s basically standard golf but with an electric motor instead of an internal combustion engine. So in this article, I’m gonna tell you what’s different about it, what’s good, what’s not so good and of course, take it for a drive.

2020 Volkswagen e-Golf Changes

Exterior Design

Let’s kick off this review by talking about the design changes that eGolf has over the standard golf. It’s got a little e-golf badge there just to the point, and this is the electric version. And there’s some blue striping running across the front and into the lights because according to Volkswagen blue is the colour of electricity. The e-Golf also get some c-shaped daytime running lights. And a completely redesigned front bumper, that not only looks different but it improves the aerodynamics. Which helps reduce drag which means that you can go further on a charge.

2020 Volkswagen e-Golf Exterior

2020 Volkswagen e-Golf Exterior


As we move down the side, you’ll notice his unique 16-inch alloy wheel designs. Which are mainly filled in, once again to reduce drag to improve range? You’ve also got low-rolling-resistance tires as well. And as you move down the side, it’s got some unique side skirts which yet again improve the aerodynamics of the car for improved range. At the back, there’s a little roof spoiler there. And the vehicle has smoked rear light clusters. The rear bumper design is slightly different than the standard golf as well.

For some reason they kept the sort of like weird faking saucy things, that they have on the standard golf. Why did you do that, Volkswagen? It’s the e-golf, it sits there why are you having these fake exhausts, it’s mad. Well maybe I’m insane, who’s insane Volkswagen or me?

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Interior Design

One of the good things about this car is that Volkswagen hasn’t compromised the passenger space when converting to electric power. So sometimes they put the baptism of the seats, but they haven’t here. Which is good it’s just the same in the back is in the standard internal combustion engine golf. It’s very very roomy for a car of this size, really nice.

2020 Volkswagen e-Golf Interior

2020 Volkswagen e-Golf Interior

In the front there very few changes over the standard golf. Though you do get some blue stitching on the steering wheel. Some more blue stitching on the gear selector. This car has the upgraded infotainment system as standard e-golf gets an 8-inch system with satellite navigation built-in. This car also has the 500 pounds improved digital drivers display. Which is nice, I do like it.

2020 Volkswagen e-Golf Engine

Look at the engine, it’s an internal combustion engine we’ve got an electric motor. And you can see just how much more compact it. Is there’s plenty of room under the bonnet? So this thing produces 136 horsepower 290 Newton meters of torque. And power comes from a 36-kilowatt-hour battery. In all, it’s good for not 60 in 9.6 seconds and top speed at 93 miles an hour. Which is comfortably over the legal speed limit. Mmm not bad.

2020 Volkswagen e-Golf Engine

2020 Volkswagen e-Golf Engine

As you drive along with the car, it’s a sound from the front. So that pedestrians can hear it coming because obviously there’s no engine noise. But if you wanted, you can turn that off because that will increase your chances. Various eco modes which reduce the motors performance and the top speed.

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So then what’s this 2020 Volkswagen e-Golf like to drive. Well, do you know what, it’s just like normal golf only? Ever slightly more pleasant when you’re in town. Because you haven’t got an engine ahead of you making noise or vibrating away. So all super relaxing it’s good over bumps as well. I do really like it, and there’s no gearbox either, so I’m not going to change gears. And it’s better than the regular autos you get in the standard golf. Because it’s not clunking and changing in between gears. And a bit jerky when you’re putting away. It’s all super super super smooth, I love it.

2020 Volkswagen e-Golf Price and Release Date

So then what’s my final verdict on 2020 Volkswagen e-Golf. Well, I like it because it’s golf. And it’s good to drive because it’s electric. The only problem is it’s a little bit off the pace compared to the very latest electric cars. In terms of its range, it’s charging times, and it’s performance. That could play into your favour. You see, there are some fantastic deals to be had. I’ve seen these available with a 2,000-pound deposit on a lease deal for just 200 pounds a month. So if you don’t need all that extra range, it could work out well for you. Though for most people most of the time I think it’s not one of the best electric cars.