2021 BMW M4 CS Coupe Specs, Price, Release Date

2021 BMW M4 CS Coupe Specs, Price, Release Date – Today we’re gonna talk about this 2021 BMW M4 CS coupe. So Before we jump into all the specifications for the M4 CS, this vehicle is a more hardcore version comparing it to the standard BMW M4. and if we go ahead and take a first look at it, this entire hood is actually finished off in carbon fiber. Entirely constructed of carbon fiber and it literally weighs nothing one finger, you can easily open and close it. There is literally no way to it. This car has a lot of carbon fiber all around, and a lot of different performance features comparing it to the standard car.

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2021 BMW M4 CS Coupe Changes

Exterior Design

The overall length is 184 and a half inches with a wheelbase at 110 points 7. the width is seventy-three points six inches with a height of 54 points eight and the ground clearance is four point seven inches. the 2021 BMW M4 CS Coupe has ventilated and drilled rotors in all four corners measuring fifteen inches upfront with a four-piston brake caliper. The rear rotors come in at fourteen point six inches with a two-piston caliper. And this particular spec has a staggered set of wheels measuring 19 inches upfront and 20s in the rears. They’re finished off in a satin gray with a split 5 spoke design, and they also featured the M logo on them all wrapped in a Michelin performance tire.

The M4 has a lot of aggression upfront with many lines and angles. It also has a lot of openings for maximum cooling to the engine. This particular spec features a gloss-black kidney-shaped grille with vertical slots in the center. With have the M4 logo over on the right side, this spec also features a carbon fiber lower front splitter. There are also four parking sensors upfront, a lot of openings in the lower side of the front bumper with fins on each side.

Coming up top, this has BMWs LED headlights with LED daytime running lights. And those flow nicely around the front bumper to give it an aggressive look. Then the hood has some nice contours in it with a functional heat extraction vent right in the center. Also then a raised portion in the center of the hood to indicate where the engine is mounted.

2021 BMW M4 CS Coupe Exterior

2021 BMW M4 CS Coupe Exterior

And then moving to the side of the M4, there’s a functional air vent behind the front wheels that allow airflow to escape the front wheel wells. And then you’ll notice a prominent body line going around that cutting its way all the way to the rear taillights of the car. This has body-color door handles as well as body-color side mirror caps with the integrated LED turn signals in them.

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And the more gloss black trim finds its way all around the windows. And the overall side profile of the M4 has a very proportional and sporty look, I love all the sharp lines. The bulging fender arches in the front and the rear and in contrast against the red and the gray wheels have a really cool look. This M4 also features the carbon fiber roof that actually lowers the center of gravity of the vehicle by a few inches, has a really good look against the car, adding to the theme of performance and lightweight.

And then making our way to the rear, this has oh le detail lights that have a nice look, a lot of cool contours in them. We have a carbon fiber lip spoiler to match the front splitter, the M4 CS badge, and then the backup camera is located in the center. We have four parking sensors in the rear and more carbon fiber on the lower diffuser, even with some fins in it. And then you get your chrome quad-tip dual exhaust system with the M logo laser etched into the top of it. And the whole rear end heists the design together to give the M4 a great look. So there’s a good look at the overall exterior as well as some of the performance specifications on the BMW M4 CS.

Interior Design

This car has a lot of black leather and Alcantara all throughout it. And taking a look at the door panel, this features black leather along the top of its very soft feeling has a premium look. We also have black stitching on it, and then we have a strap right here to close the door with the BMW colors. We have your aluminum release hammer right here, and then your window controls as well as mirror and the power sunshade. You’ll notice some lightweight designs for this door panel. We have an Alcantara armrest right here with a little bit of padding on it. And then this is a completely composite door panel, very cool to see on a car like this just for lighter weight and a more performance feeling.

And we have the aluminum door sill with 2021 BMW M4 CS Coupe, this does feature power seats. All the controls are on the side, as well as the memory seat functions. And then on the seats, we have black leather along the sides with black Alcantara within the centers. And then you get the really cool design here. This actually cuts into the back of the seats, which is very nice to see. And then we have a perforated design in the center with a really nice look. You can see all the stitching and contours within the seat.

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Taking a look at the gauge cluster, we have the tach over on the right side as well as your temperature. Your speedometer on the left with your gas. And one thing very cool with the heads-up display if you hit the m1 button, it’ll come upon the heads-up display with a performance looking tach. Going across the entire screen with your speedometer on that as well. And then going back into the normal mode that giant tech goes away.

2021 BMW M4 CS Coupe Interior

2021 BMW M4 CS Coupe Interior

On the left side of the steering wheel, we have cruise control settings as well as two different M mode preset buttons. We have all the voice commands and Bluetooth and audio control over on the right. This does have steering-wheel-mounted paddle shifters, they have a really nice feeling to them, and they’re quite large. And then the stock on the left side tapping the BC button that’ll go through different trip information within the gauges. You can see your speedometer, the date and time, and then different trip information, as well as temperatures, and then your wipers are on the right side.

Sitting back here, you actually have a ton of space, I do have the driver’s seat set to my height 5 foot 11. and I have a few inches of knee room, which is very impressive, and my feet fit very nice and comfortably. That composite paneling continues in the rear, very nice to see that. You have the same Alcantara for the armrests. And for being a little bit of a stripped out version is the 2021 BMW M4 CS Coupe. This is a lighter way more design for the track. You still get a lot of really nice creature comforts black leather on the top here. And a huge window right here to make it actually pretty open sitting back here. The Headroom, my head is barely touching the ceilings and not too bad for a car like this.

2021 BMW M4 CS Coupe Engine

Underneath the hood, this features a three-liter inline 6-cylinder twin-turbocharged engine. The cs pumps out 454 horsepower and 442 pound-feet of torque. The engine is paired to a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission and sends the power to the rear wheels. And with a curb weight coming in around 3,600 pounds. you’re looking at a 0-60 time at 3.7 seconds with a quarter-mile at 12 seconds flat at 121 miles an hour. Top speed at 174 miles an hour. And running off a 15 point 8-gallon fuel tank, you can expect to get 17 miles per gallon in the city and 23 out on the highway.

2021 BMW M4 CS Coupe Engine

2021 BMW M4 CS Coupe Engine

2021 BMW M4 CS Coupe Price and Release Date

And the model that we’re looking at today is finished off in Melbourne red metallic and has an MSRP at a hundred and six thousand dollars.