2021 Genesis G90 Price, Interior, Colors

2021 Genesis G90 Price, Interior, Colors – This is the 2021 Genesis G90, and it is the new full-size flagship luxury sedan from Genesis. Which is Hyundai’s luxury brand. It’s intended to compete with other full-size luxury sedans like the Lexus LS or the Mercedes-Benz S-Class with one big difference. This is way cheaper, today I’m going to review the new G90 and see how it stacks up.

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2021 Genesis G90 Changes

Exterior Design

First, a little overview, now like I mentioned Genesis is Hyundai’s relatively new luxury brand. Sort of like how Toyota has Lexus and Honda has Acura. Genesis currently has three models, all sedans the G70, the G80, and the G90. With the G90 be the flagship full-size sedan at the top of the model rain. Now the G90 originally came out a few years ago. And I’ve already reviewed the old model, which I found to be pretty good. But Genesis has just redesigned the G90 for the 2021 model year. So this is the all-new model, and that means new styling, new interior, new features pretty much new everything.

Alright, I’m gonna start the quicksand features of the G90 with the styling. Now the very first full-size luxury sedan that Hyundai sold here was called the Equus. And it came out seven or eight years ago, the styling is very subdued, very restrained and very simple. But over the years and with the arrival of Genesis. They’ve gotten more extravagant, more risk-taking, bolder in their designs. And the G90 is a good example of that. For instance, take a look at the wheels, these wheels are no longer subtle and blend in wheels. They have all these spokes and cuts and diamonds in them. And I think they look incredibly opulent luxurious high-end. They give this car a true full-size luxury look.

2021 Genesis G90 Exterior

Another example of the bolder, more daring design on the latest generation. This car comes with the grille. You can see it’s huge, this is the genesis grille shape they’re putting on all of their models. But this is certainly the biggest one yet to truly emphasize that this is the full-size flagship Genesis. But for me, the best example of bolder designs that are trying to stand out more comes with the lighting. And in this car that starts with the front turn signals, you can see they are huge. This strip that goes all the way through the headlights and wraps around to the side of the car. This front turn signal is larger than the actual headlight in this vehicle.

2021 Genesis G90 Specs

And it continues on the side, look at the size of this side turn signal. Most automakers put a tiny little light bulb in the mirror housing. This thing has like 12 inches of turn signal LED light strip on the side to emphasize its opulence. But the increased opulence of the lighting in this car is especially noticeable in back. where you have a totally new look back here punctuated by this new tail light look that’s very distinctive.

Probably the most noticeable part is once again the turn signals you have these two large LED light strips. You can see they light up in orange, and they go into the trunk lid itself when you turn on the turn signals. Interestingly if you push on the brake pedal to turn on the brake lights. You can see the brake lights don’t go onto the trunk lid. So like in front, the brake lights are actually smaller than the turn signals back here. For some reason, Genesis really wants to emphasize when this vehicle is turning.

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Interior Design

And next, we move on to the best place to be in the new 2021 Genesis G90, and that would be the back seats. The back seats are a pretty nice spot because this is Genesis’s ultimate. And that means you have a lot of features back here. Now the most obvious the most immediately noticeable feature in the back of the G90 is the screens display installed on the backs of the front seats. You can see they’re sitting there patiently waiting for the rear passengers to turn them on. To do that, you press a little button this giant rear center console that says P W RL for the left screen. Or R for the right screen, and the screens will turn on.

2021 Genesis G90 Interior

Now once the screens are on, you can do quite a bit back here. These basically mirror the functionality of the front infotainment screen. So that means you can set a navigation destination from the back seats. And then it will go on to the screen in front of you. But also into the front center screen so then the driver knows where to navigate. You don’t even need to talk to your driver. Just simply set a destination, and the driver will know he must go there.

And next up it’s the same thing with this stereo back here. You have stereo controls in your rear seat screen. So you go into those controls, and you can select a new satellite radio station or music whatever. And it will play throughout the entire car. That way, again, you’re being chauffeured around in your G90. You don’t have to ask the driver to adjust the music. You simply adjust it, and then the driver listens to what you want. And next up here’s a pretty impressive feature of these screens. There’s a blue light filter that allows you to adjust the amount of blue light they give off to reduce strain on your eyes.

And you don’t just turn on or off the blue light filter. You can schedule it. So if you want less blue light from the screens at night to really cut down on the strain on your eyes at night. You can have a that just turns the blue light from the screens off in the evenings. And that way you don’t have to go into this menu and constantly turn on or off this filter. that is a really incredible piece of attention to detail. But there’s more to the luxury in the rear seat of the G90 than those screens. For example, you have power seats back here. There are controls on the side of this rear center console. You can move them forward, back, up, down anything you want to do.

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2021 Genesis G90 Price

But all the luxury features in the G90 are not confined to the rear seat. There are quite a few quirks and features at the front here. My favorite of which is the turn signal camera. Check this out, you’re driving along you put on your turn signal. And then a camera pops up in your gauge cluster to show you what’s in the blind spot you’ve just signaled towards, that is an amazing feature.

So you’re driving down the highway, you put on your signal to change lanes, and it shows you what is there. Which is really really amazing far better than turning around and trying to see what’s there. Check your blind spot, but you can’t because there are pillars, and then your eyes are off the road. This camera shows precisely what’s next to you, and it works for both sides. But the turn signal on the other way, it shows you what’s in the other blind spot, a brilliant feature.

And next up speaking of some innovative new features. On the door panel next to the seat memory controls, there is a button marked smart. So what does that do, well you can adjust your seating position to like it, however, or you can push smart. And then a screen pops up in the infotainment system that tells you to enter your particulars your height, your weight, you’re in the scene. And then, it will adjust the seating position to what it thinks is optimal for your body size and type, which is absolutely insane. You’re not even adjusting your own seat anymore. The car is telling you where you should be sitting based on your size.

2021 Genesis G90 Engine

Under the hood, the 2021 Genesis G90 offers a choice between two engines. The base model has a 3.3 liter turbocharged V6 that makes 365 horsepower. Or you can step up to the 5 liter V8 like this car with 420 horsepower. Now, as of this writing, Genesis has not yet announced pricing for the new 2021 G90. But the old one started around $70,000 compared to a base price of around $95,000 for the Mercedes s-class. Now that makes the G90 a bit of a bargain, at least on paper. But the question is, how does it measure up?

2021 Genesis G90 Engine

This is a naturally aspirated V8, very smooth one of the last naturally aspirated V8 left. And so people won’t necessarily be buying it for the much better acceleration but maybe for the smoothness. I will say this engine is unbelievably quiet. Just sitting here with the car on, you can barely tell that it’s on. Certainly, this is one of the quietest engines I’ve been around, very impressive.

2021 Genesis G90 Price and Release Date

So that’s the 2021 Genesis G90, this is an excellent car. And well, it doesn’t quite match up to the s-class in terms of interior materials or driving experience. It’s not that far off given the price difference. If you want everything that goes along with a full-size luxury sedan except the cost. And if you don’t mind not having a Mercedes-Benz star or for Audi Rings on your grill, this might be the car for.