2021 KIA Seltos Specs, Dimensions, Interior

2021 KIA Seltos Specs, Dimensions, Interior – In today’s article, we’re gonna review this brand new 2021 KIA Seltos. The model that we’re looking at today is the Seltos S all-wheel drive. Finished off in dark ocean blue with the white roof and has an MSRP at $25,000.

2021 KIA Seltos Changes

Exterior Design

The overall curb weight for the all-wheel-drive model is around 3100 pounds. It has an overall length of 172 with a width of 70.9 inches. The wheelbase is a hundred and 3.5, and the overall height is 64.2. And then this has ground clearance at 7.3 inches with approach and departure angles at 28 degrees. The Seltos features 11 inch ventilated disc brakes up front with 10.3 inch solid rear discs. And this has a dark gray set of 17-inch alloy wheels.

The front end of the all-new 2021 KIA Seltos has a very nice look to it. We have brushed aluminum accents within the center grille with that traditional Kia design. It has a large mesh shopfront with a cool, edgy look. And if you look into the LED headlights, you’ll notice an LED daytime running light running all the way from the center of the grill. Going through the grille and into the headlights making one continuous beam nearly from one side of the car to the other. We get more of the brushed aluminum accents on the top of the headlights and Grille as well to really flow together with the front end.

This also has projector-beam headlights, and then we have LED fog lights down below. There are more brushed aluminum accents in the center lower portion of the grille. And then you even get body-color fins that kind of cut in on each side. Then as we move our way up to the hood, there are two sharp lines on each side of the hood giving it a nice wide appearance. As we go to the side profile of the car, this has the black color for the fender arches. As well as the smaller size, and we even get some gloss black down below on the lower portion of the doors.

2021 KIA Seltos Exterior

2021 KIA Seltos Exterior

We get body-color door handles and then white mirror caps to match this white roof. I really like the contrast between the dark blue paint and then the white roof. This has blacked out pillars and then a chrome trim piece below the windows going all the way to the rear, giving it a modern appearance. And that same color matches the roof rails. And then finishing up with the sides the proportions are very nice all around. It has a shorter design. This is a smaller SUV, but I really like how the windows are shaped. It just gives a very proportional look, all overall.

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And then, moving to the rear end of the car, you can see how the white roof finishes up with the spoiler on the top of this glass. We even get gloss black trim on the side portion. Moving to the LED taillights that have a very nice look to them. And you even get more of the brushed aluminum in the center of the rear liftgate. And your reverse lights are integrated into that. You get the S logo over on the right side and then a reflector on each side. More of the black color and aluminum trim for the entire rear bumper.

And then over on the left side, we have the Seltos name. The rearview backup camera is right beneath the Kia logo. And then there are two problems that body lines on each side of the rear lifted, giving you an aggressive look. And it really ties in together with the whole look of the car. So that is a full look at the exterior of the 2021 Kia Seltos.

Interior Design

Just grab made door handle and get a full look at the entire interior for this brand new car. Starting with the door panel, we have a nice black piece of leather on the armrest right here. Even with blue stitching, which matches the X, your paint very nicely. There’s a little bit of storage down here as well as cup holder storage. Your grab handle is all integrated, which actually you can get a really good grip on that. All four window controllers, as well as the lock and unlock, and then the mirror controls.

Moving our way inside, this trim level has two-tone seats with leather and cloth. We have black leather on the sides with grey stitching that has a really cool look. And then a very cool design in this cloth you can see the pattern, very nice looking comfortable seats to sit in. Very supportive good bolsters as well a hug doing turns, then all of your manual controls.

2021 KIA Seltos Interior

2021 KIA Seltos Interior

And then moving inside to the full leather steering wheel. And then now inside the car, we can go ahead and flip out the key insert it into the ignition; we can start it up. On the left of the steering wheel with all the Bluetooth and audio controls. your volume over on the left side, and the track button is over on the right. And then take a look at the right so steering wheel we have all the cruise control settings. As well as the steering wheel intervention, you can turn that on and off, and you can see it come on on the screen.

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Now to take a look at the rear seat space, we can go ahead and open up the door. The door panel is finished off very similar, comparing it to the front. We have the cool contours on the speaker and then the blue stitching with black leather. And then this very nice door handles how everything works, looks very clean. Moving our way inside, we have the same two-tone design with black leather and grey stitching. And then there’s a really nice cloth design with a pattern in it.

So then hopping in, I have the driver seat set to my height, which is 5 foot 11. this car has a lot of room in it actually. This is a smaller vehicle. It’s not a jumbo family third-row SUV or anything like that. So for being a smaller one, I think they really maximize space. I have like four or five inches above my head for the Headroom. My knees have a few inches, my feet are fitting and very nice and comfortable. The armrest is in a really good spot.

2021 KIA Seltos Engine

Underneath the hood of 2021 KIA Seltos, this features a 2-liter 4-cylinder engine that cranks out 146 horsepower and 132 pound-feet of torque. The engine is paired to an intelligent variable transmission and sends the power to all four wheels. And with a fuel tank capacity at thirteen point two gallons, you’re looking at 27 miles per gallon in the city and 31 out on the highway.

2021 KIA Seltos Engine

2021 KIA Seltos Engine

2021 KIA Seltos Videos