2021 Kia Soul Price, Interior, Colors

2021 Kia Soul Price, Interior, Colors – With me today, I have a brand new 2021 Kia Soul. Now for this 2021 model year, the soul went through a complete redesign. It is now much bigger, it’s longer, wider and taller. There’s more space on the inside, more cargo room, and of course, you have more standard safety features and standard features overall. But on the outside, it still has that familiar boxy shape. So is this the best subcompact SUV / hatchback you could buy today? We’ll keep reading and find out.

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2021 Kia Soul Changes

Exterior Design

The outside of the new soul is still familiar yet. It’s a lot more aggressive than ever before. Look at those angry headlights, which on this GT line is LED, and look at those LED fog lights below. All trims get a huge open grille on the lower bumper. But each trim has its own unique look. With most trims, you either have some black cladding on the bottom or around the wheel fenders. But on this GT line, everything is painted.

2021 Kia Soul Exterior

2021 Kia Soul Exterior

It’s hard to tell, but the 2021 Kia Soul gained one point two inches in wheelbase. 2.2 inches in length versus the last model. Also, brown clearance is up to 6 points 7 inches, which are about an inch higher. These 18-inch wheels that you see here are GT line exclusive. The back of the soul is boxier and has some unique looking LED taillights that wrap around with black trim. It almost kind of looks like a helmet of a stormtrooper.

The dual chrome exhaust tips underneath are also exclusive to the GT line. Inside a trunk, you get 24 cubic feet of storage, which is a decent amount. You have some speakers on the right and a 12v outlet on the left. Spare tire and tools are underneath the bottom cover. There’s no hidden storage anywhere.

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Interior Design

Inside this GT line, you have a mix of leather at material along with cloth inserts. They look and feel pretty good. And you do have some red stitching also for some pop. And they match really well with the red trim pieces on the door panels. You can fold the seats down for more cargo room, but passengers in the rear only received one USB port that’s it for amenities.

Upfront, the cabin has a sports car vibe. And has a really nice looking steering wheel, dash, and overall design. Then the leather wrap steering wheel has a good feel. And the flat bottom and red stitching make it look really sharp. Buttons on the right control of the smart cruise control and infotainment screen. Buttons on the left are for radio, phone, the volume of voice control.

2021 Kia Soul Interior

2021 Kia Soul Interior

Now the info screen and a gauge cluster have a lot of useful things. Including your safety feature, settings, a trip computer, an important trans temperature. The drive buttons to the left are steering wheel. You could control the heads-up display, traction control, engine auto start/stop, Lane Assist, and blind-spot warning. The heads-up display pops out of the dash, and information is displayed on that screen rather than being shown on the windshield.

Moving to the infotainment screen, this GT line is equipped with a ten-point three-inch screen. While other trims get a seven-inch screen. The screen is bright, responsive, and overall pretty easy to use. Apple Car Play also Android Auto are both standards. Now on the bottom, you have some buttons to control the screen for quick navigation. And you have a volume and scroll knob.

2021 Kia Soul Engine

As for the engine and transmission, this is where it gets interesting. Every trim level other than the GT-Line Turbo gets a 2-liter four-cylinder. That engine is pushing about a hundred and forty-seven horsepower and 132 pound-feet of torque. And it is mated to a CVT transmission. However, with the GT-Line Turbo, it gets a 1.6-liter turbo engine. And can pushing 201 horsepower and 195 pound-feet of torque. This engine is mated to a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission.

2021 Kia Soul Engine

2021 Kia Soul Engine

2021 Kia Soul Price and Release Date

As for the price, the base LX starts around 17,500. And then you have the S after that, then you have the GT-Line without the turbo engine. Next, you have the X-Line, which actually has more rugged cues. And then you have the EX, and finally, you have the GT-Line Turbo with the turbo engine. Which starts around twenty-seven thousand five hundred.

2021 Kia Soul Price

2021 Kia Soul Price

Now let’s talk about the good and bad to this brand new 2021 Kia Soul. Starting with the good, it has a funky and modern exterior look. Tons of interior room and decent cargo room. The cabin quality and infotainment are top-notch. The soul provides very fast acceleration, especially for this class. There are tons of features not available with others. And you have good seats that hold you in, and you get a good driving position.

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As for the bad, there’s no all-wheel-drive option available. The powerful engine and transmission combo are only with the GT-Line Turbo trim. Unfortunately, you get jerky, and unpredictable shifting with the transmission went cold. There’s a bit of lag with the infotainment screen. And finally, there are no air vents in the second row.

To conclude, the 2021 Kia Soul GT-Line Turbo is miles ahead of the competition. When it comes to features, standard safety features, space, quality, and acceleration. However, a dual-clutch transmission when cold at low speeds hinders the driving experience. Hopefully, the CVT does a better job.