2021 SEAT Leon Release Date, Price, Colors

2021 SEAT Leon Release Date, Price, Colors – This is the all-new SEAT Leon, the Volkswagen Golf sporty Spanish cousin. And here are everything you need to know about it.

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2021 SEAT Leon Changes

Exterior Design

If there’s something familiar about the new SEAT Leon, it’s because it’s based on the same platform as the Volkswagen Golf. So it’s got kind of similar proportions just with a few more dynamic style increases here and there. Also familiar are those triangular daytime running lights. Which are like the ones on the old SEAT Leon. But the Y grille is more angular than before. And it looks like it’s been pinched FRom the big SEAT Tarraco SUV.

At the back, you’ll find a smart-looking full-width light bar. Which has more than a hint of Porsche and Audi about it, all very posh then? One thing I’m not sure about is the new name badge in that weird handwritten font. So is the new SEAT Leon classy or a little bit crazy? So which do you think looks the best, the new SEAT Leon or its cousin the Volkswagen Golf?

2021 SEAT Leon Exterior

2021 SEAT Leon Exterior

All versions of the 2021 SEAT Leon get keyless ignition and LED lights. While SE Dynamic Models add parking sensors and 17-inch alloy wheels. Sporty FR Models like the car reviewed here get chunky bumpers and fake exhausts. They also get lowered sports suspension, if you splash out for an FR sport you also get a heated steering wheel and 18-inch alloy wheels. Topping off the range is a Posh Excellence Model, which gets goodies like adaptive cruise control and chrome window trims.

You should find more space than before in the new Leon as it’s almost 10 centimeters longer than before. With an extra 5 centimeters between the Front and rear wheels. All of which is given over to extra rear legroom. Boot space isn’t changed though at 380 liters. Of course, if you really need some more spacing to go for the Estate Version, this is also 10 centimeters longer than the old Leon. And has 617 liters of boot space compared to the old cars 587 liters? That makes it even bigger than the cavernous Skoda Octavia Estate.

One especially fancy aspect of the new SEAT Leon is its lighting. It comes with a full set of LED lights with 22 separate LEDs / headlights. Say it says these have 900 lumens of power. Now that doesn’t mean anything to me either really. But apparently, standard LEDs have 550 lumens. So the SayIt Leon’s light must be pretty bright. Oh, and the indicators on the door mirrors are LEDs too.

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At the back fancy models in the range get LED brake lights. With scrolling indicators, just like on an Audi. Which also performs a pretty neat animated sequence when you lock and unlock the car. just like an Audi yet again.

Interior Design

Inside everything’s all minimalist and straightforward with a FRee-standing infotainment display and very few buttons. The ones you can find are touch-sensitive, again, like in the Volkswagen Golf. It is a tiny bit bland though there’s not much in the way of color. Besides body-colored stitching on the seats in FR models. But at least there’s plenty of metal effect trim to lighten things up. Air vents that mirror the shape of the grille or a smart touch too. Automatic models get the same tiny gear selector as the new golf.

2021 SEAT Leon Interior

2021 SEAT Leon Interior

While FR sports models and above get wrap around and being lighting the stretches across the dashboard and onto the Front doors. Se versions of the SEAT Leon get an 8-inch infotainment screen. But all other models get a plusher 10-inch one you see here. Plus, a 10-inch digital driver’s display as well. You can configure the central screen with three separate windows the displays you use the most. Plus, you can customize the digital drivers display with multi-function buttons on the steering wheel.

If you want satellite navigation and smartphone mirroring, you’ll have to ignore the basic SE car, but all other models do get it. There’s also wireless phone charging, and you can use apple carplay without having to plug your phone into a socket. But if you’ve got an Android phone like me, you’ll still need to have to use a cable, god goddammit. Oh, and voice control is available, but it’s based on the same system as he found in the Golf, which I found a little bit hard to use at times.

2021 SEAT Leon Engine

You can get the 2021 SEAT Leon with a 1-liter 3-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine with 110 horsepower. Or 1.5-liter turbocharged petrol with either 130 or 150 horsepower. And you can have each of these engines as either nonhybrid or mild hybrid.

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Plus there’s a 2-liter force in the petrol with 190 horsepower. Diesel power comes in the form of a 2 liter 4-cylinder with either 115 or 150 horsepower. But if you want the greenest land experience possible, there’s a full-on plug-in hybrid that gets a 1.4-liter petrol engine coupled to an electric motor. And combined produces 204 horsepower. This can travel up to 40 miles on electric power alone.

2021 SEAT Leon Engine

2021 SEAT Leon Engine

It’s also the fastest SEAT Leon until hot pooper versions arrive later. All Leon comes with 6-speed manual gearbox as standard. Except for the 190 horsepower petrol and the plug-in hybrid, which both hit automatics. As well as the usual multiple airbags, top specification cars get adaptive cruise control. This uses satellite navigation data, afferent mounted camera, and traffic sign recognition to adjust speed based on upcoming junctions, corners, and changing speed limits.

There’s also Lane Keeping Assist but take your hands off the wheel for more than 15 seconds, it will tap the brakes to encourage you to retake control. If you don’t respond, they’ll bring the car to a stop automatically, so you’ve been warned. Another clever trick the Leon shares with golf is that it can communicate with other cars. And share information about upcoming traffic jams and other delays using trick 5G mobile data. So you or the satellite navigation can reroute around problems on your journey. This technology can even communicate with road signs or traffic lights. And that means it can work out where the upcoming traffic lights are about to change using an on-screen notification. So you know whether to slow down or speed up in advance, clever.

2021 SEAT Leon Price and Release Date

There’s no firm detail on prices yet, but you can expect the new SEAT Leon to start FRom around 20,000 pounds for an entry-level model. And cost slightly less than the equivalent Volkswagen Golf as it’s always done. The car will go on sale in spring. They’re high specification FR sports models and up woods won’t arrive until the second half of 2020 for some reason.