2021 Toyota Avalon Interior, Price, Acceleration

2021 Toyota Avalon Interior, Price, Acceleration – With me today, I have the brand-new 2021 Toyota Avalon. And this is the all-wheel-drive variant. So in this review, I’m going to show you the ins and outs, the good the bad, and also go for a drive and see how this all-wheel-drive system is in this brand new Avalon. So if you’re in the market for midsize or a full-size sedan, then this is a review for you.

2021 Toyota Avalon Changes

Exterior Design

The current sixth-generation 2021 Toyota Avalon looks nothing like the Avalon of the old. The grille has gotten larger each and every generation as if Toyota’s engineer’s lives depended on it. The grille to bumper ratio up front has to be the largest of any production car out there. With the little room laughs, you do have sleek-looking LED headlights. And just like the Camry, there’s no fog lights upfront. On the side, the Avalon looks long and low to the ground. The shape looks very sports sedan-like.

2021 Toyota Avalon Exterior

2021 Toyota Avalon Exterior

On this limited trim, you do see chrome window surrounds and special 18-inch alloy wheels. The back of the Avalon has a sleek look with LEDs smoked taillights. That has good shape and stretches from one side to the other. Avalon letters are also spread across in the middle. And the dual exhaust tips on the bottom adds a nice touch in the rear.

Interior Design

Inside the trunk, you have about 16 cubic feet of the room, which is a decent amount. And it’s about one cubic foot larger than a Camry. The rear seats also fold down for bigger things. Inside 2021 Toyota Avalon, two seats in Cabin are covered with soft leather. Rear passengers have about 40 inches of legroom. Which is a couple more than the Camry. However, surprisingly it is slightly less than the second-row legroom of a Honda Accord.

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Rear passengers get a pair of the vent, heated seats, and two USB ports. A front the steering wheel has a two-tone leather look. Buttons the right control the radar-guided cruise control and also the mode and scrolling four radio. Buttons on the left control the info screen in the gauge cluster along with volume phone and voice control.

The gauge cluster has a nice large 7-inch info display. That gives you a lot of information about the Avalon. Such as a trip computer, TPMS, range, and settings for your safety feature so among other things. And on the left side of the steering are for auto high-beam, traction control, heated steering wheel, trunk release, fuel door release, and finally, bird’s-eye camera view system.

2021 Toyota Avalon Interior

2021 Toyota Avalon Interior

On the door, you have two-member seat settings. And auto up/down functions for all four windows. Now the infotainment screen in this Avalon limited includes a nine-inch touch screen along with navigation. And the JBL sound system with 14 speakers and a 1200 watt amplifier. Apple car play, Alexa, Wi-Fi are standard. However, Andray auto is missing.

Underneath, you have climate control with three levels of heated and ventilated seats. And buttons for temperature, fan control, defroster options, and more. Underneath that, you have a normal shifter along with three driving modes Eco, normal, or sport. Also, brake hold and brake release; you also have two kinds of cup holders interesting enough.

And inside the armrest, you have a tray for things along with three different USB ports. This one, however, comes with a special bottle of water from Toyota. On top, you have home link buttons, SOS and interior light controls, and also controls to a normal size sunroof. By the way, underneath the info screen, there’s shelf space for things in an extra 12V outlet.

2021 Toyota Avalon Engine

Alright, as for the engine, this 2021 Toyota Avalon all-wheel drive is based on a system used in a gas version Rav4. It is a 2.5 liter 4-cylinder pushing 205 horsepower and an 85 pound-feet of torque. Now this engine has made it to an 8-speed automatic. The Avalon all-wheel drive will be the only trim level for Avalon that utilizes a four-cylinder engine.

2021 Toyota Avalon Engine

2021 Toyota Avalon Engine

All their album lines are either equipped with a V6 engine or hybrid setup. There’s no word right now if a hybrid all-wheel-drive system will be coming. Or a v6 all-wheel-drive system will be coming. Now what’s also unknown at this point is fuel economy. Toyota has not released any estimates as of yet. And will do so closer to the release of the Avalon all-wheel drive, which is the fall of 2020.

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2021 Toyota Avalon Price and Release Date

Next, let’s look at the good and bad to this brand new Avalon all-wheel drive. Starting with the good, like a sleek sports car exterior. There are a spacious cabin and trunk. The features and standard safety features are plentiful. The Avalon all-wheel drive provides a quiet ride, good visibility, and comfortable seats. Surprisingly the engine makes a good sound. And also, of course, the all-wheel-drive option is now available.

As for the bad, there are a few things as well. You only get a four-cylinder option for all-wheel drive. Android Auto is still not standard. There’s no panoramic sunroof option. The cabin space and cargo room are only slightly bigger than a Camry. And at this point, miles per gallon and price are unknown. Overall the new Avalon all-wheel drive is another option for those of you guys are looking for a sedan that’s a little bit bigger than the Camry. Cargo room and legroom are a little bit bigger than the Camry. Cabin quality’s about on par. But some of the features on the Camry is not available on the Avalon. Hopefully, we see a hybrid or V6 all-wheel-drive option in the future.