2021 Toyota Venza Price, Specs, Dimensions

2021 Toyota Venza Price, Specs, Dimensions – It’s been five years since the last Toyota Venza roamed the streets. And many have been begging Toyota to bring back its popular to row crossover. So here to listen and here comes two brand-new 2021 Toyota Venza. And here’s the first look at this brand-new crossover set to debut the summer of 2020. in case you aren’t familiar, Toyota Venza is a two-row crossover that is slightly bigger than a Rav4. But somewhat smaller than a three-row highlander. There’s ample room for five within, and Toyota is set to make this new SUV the most comfortable tech and fuel-efficient crossover in this class.

2021 Toyota Venza Exterior

2021 Toyota Venza Exterior

It’s hard to describe the outside. It’s a blend of several Toyota products. The front has a rounded shape compared to the Highlander, although the grille opening, on the lower bumper, and the slip moldings on the side is very similar. The headlights and daytime running light patterns are very distinctive. Now on the side, you could see the wide wheel fenders like the Highlander and the new Sienna. But you could definitely tell the new Venza is shorter in wheelbase and in overall length.

The Venza le comes with 18 and two-tone alloy wheels while. The axle and limited will come with 19 inch super chrome finish wheels. The rear has a distinctive LED taillight design as well as a LED bar that stretches from one side to the other. Also, you see a pair of exhaust tips on the bottom. The new Venza is built on the TNG platform and has extensive use of high-strength steel. The front and rear multi-link suspension provides a comfortable and quiet ride. The TNG platform is also built to defend against noise intrusion, and it curbs vibrations.

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Toyota wants to make sure that a new Venza provides a very quiet ride. The tire noise is reduced via strategically placed insulation. And acoustic glass windshield helps minimize wind noise. There’s also sound blocking absorbing insulation throughout the structure underneath the carpeting and above the headliner. There’s also sound-absorbing insulation around the engine compartment, which helps reduce intake noise. And two special resonance chambers help minimize air intake noise in the five-thirty and six-fifty Hertz range. I don’t know how special those frequencies are, but if Toyota says blocking them is good, then it’s good in my book as well.

2021 Toyota Venza Interior

2021 Toyota Venza Interior

On the inside, Toyota is offering an elegant interior filled with plenty of techs. For starters, the infotainment screen comes an 8-inch standard. But the XLI unlimited can get the giant twelve points three-inch touchscreen display as well as a JBL premium audio system that comes with nine speakers in a 1200 watt amp. Apple car plays android auto is standard. 2021 Toyota Venza is the very first Toyota that will offer a stargaze fix panoramic glass roof. Drivers can switch from transparent to frosted modes within a single second using the control button. And even in frosted mode, the stargaze brightens interior while reducing direct sunlight.

I honestly can’t wait to see this in action, and I hope future Toyota’s are gonna be adopting this technology. Also, a 10-inch heads-up display Digital, rearview mirror, bird’s-eye view camera system, rear camera cleaning system, hands-free power liftgate are just some of the features you can opt for with this brand new 2021 Toyota Venza. There are also available heated seats and ventilated seats that are drawing cool air from the AC system. This technology first appeared as sflow on Lexus, and now it’s available in the Venza.

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Toyota Safety Sense 2.0, which includes a pre-collision system, dynamic radar cruise control, lane departure alert on a high beam, lane tracing assist, road sign assist is now standard. Additionally, blind-spot monitoring plus cross-traffic alert is also standard. While the XLE and Limited trims add-on from rear parking assist with auto braking. Just like the Sienna, the 2021 Venza is hybrid only. And utilizes a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine along with 3 separate motors. The system delivers a total of 219 horsepower and is down from the 243 from the new Sienna and also the Highlander Hybrid. A new Venza in the LE trims will get 40 miles per gallon combined with fuel economy. If this is true, it will beat the Highlander Hybrid by 5 miles per gallon.

There will also be selectable driving modes normal, eco, and sport. And the Venza has another trick up its sleeve in terms of increasing fuel economy. Venza PD predictive efficient drive will utilize the navigation system to analyze driving habits. And memorize road and traffic conditions to help optimize hybrid battery charging. When the driver selects PD, the system will learn from repeater routes. And it’s designed to make the vehicle predict to slow down or stop. PD can also help optimize battery charging and discharging of hills or traffic congestion, this is very cool technology. The Venza also comes standard with all-wheel-drive. This electronic on-demand all-wheel drive employs a separate rear-mounted electric motor to power two rear wheels when needed. Torque distribution varies according to conditions. Next, let me show you a live stream from Toyota describing the brand new Venza in detail.