2021 Volkswagen Golf GTI Configurations, Horsepower, Price

2021 Volkswagen Golf GTI Configurations, Horsepower, Price – With me today, I have a brand new 2021 Volkswagen Golf GTI. Now when it comes to hot hatches, this is definitely a car many people think about. And that’s because it’s been around for a while it’s a fantastic hatchback. And it’s won a car and drivers 10 bets. Now in 2020, Volkswagen already made some significant changes, including adding more horsepower under the hood, making a limited-slip differential standard, and also bring over bigger breaks from the golf are. Now in 2021, the Golf R is not gonna be available at least in u.s.

In Germany, Volkswagen already debuted the next generation, the eighth generation of the golf. The US will not get that for another year until 2021, which is why the Golf R is not going to be available. However, for 2021, the GTI is, and Volkswagen didn’t make some subtle changes. Some subtle good changes and subtle not-so-good changes, and I’m going to tell you what those are. So in this review article, learn everything there is to know about this brand-new Golf GTI. So you can decide if this is the right hot hatch for you, stay tuned.

2021 Volkswagen Golf GTI Changes

Exterior Design

When you think about hot hatches, it’s really hard not to picture a 2021 Volkswagen Golf GTI. The shape, dimensions, overall look just feel right. Starting with the front end, the sloping hood, aggressive headlights with the red and chrome a cent pieces. Blacked-out grille with that red GTI racing stripe and the sporty lower bumper can be seen right away. And really differentiates this from regular golf. The SE trim you see here gets LED headlights with the adaptive front lighting system. Which means it follows the steering wheel, daytime running lights, and also LED fog lights with dynamic cornering lights.

2021 Volkswagen Golf GTI Exterior

2021 Volkswagen Golf GTI Exterior

The side profile is what a proper four-door hatch should look like. Simple lines, tall roof, and windows. And as you can see, no chrome pieces, all pieces are in black. The wheels that you see here are standard on both the s and SE trim. And they are 18-inch aluminum-alloy wheels. Those large red GTI stamp brake calipers are pulled from a Golf R.

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The back of the GTI has simple lines as well. And has a nice stance and huge chrome exhaust tips underneath. VW hid the rear hatch handle underneath the emblem, it’s really slick. Inside, you get a generous amount of trunk space since this is a hatchback. On top, you get a privacy cover that can be removed on both the left and right sides. You get very deep holes to hide your things. And underneath the bottom cover is your spare tire and tools.

Interior Design

In the second row, this SE is covered in black leather with red stitching. The only thing rear passengers get is a pair of vents, that’s it. As for space, I’m 5 feet 10, and I have about 2 to 3 inches of legroom and about 3 to 4 inches of headroom. To fold down the rear seats, simply pull on the seatback tabs. The front of the GTI is just as luxurious as the rear. Fold leather along with black and chrome pieces everywhere. Red stitching can also be seen on the steering wheel, door panels, and seats.

2021 Volkswagen Golf GTI Interior

2021 Volkswagen Golf GTI Interior

The steering wheel is very modern-looking, it feels great in my hands. And I really like the flat bottom look and red stitching. Bunz on the right control the info screen in the gauge cluster and scrolling. Left buttons control the cruise control, safety features, and volume. Now the gauge cluster itself has a large screen in the middle. And it displays many things such as the compass, audio phone, status, and even a lap timer. And for 2021 safety features such as blind-spot monitoring, rear cross-traffic alert, and forward-collision warning. Along with emergency braking with pedestrian detection is standard.

Behind the steering wheel, you get a setup paddle shifter, which I’m gonna test out later. Now on the left of the steering wheel, you have some light controls and dimming functions. On the door panel, you have mirror controls, and also auto up/down features for all four windows. Alright moving on to the infotainment screen, it is a large eight-inch touchscreen that touches buttons on either side. The screen is very high resolution, and it’s responsive. There’s no noticeable lag. There are many things you can scroll through and many things you can choose from. And of course, on the left and right side, you could quickly navigate to an area of your desire. There are also physical volume and scrolling knobs.

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2021 Volkswagen Golf GTI Engine

Now, as for the engine, you only have one option. It’s a 2-liter turbo engine pushing 228 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque. Now you could choose either a 6-speed manual or a 7-speed DSG dual-clutch transmission.

2021 Volkswagen Golf GTI Engine

2021 Volkswagen Golf GTI Engine

2021 Volkswagen Golf GTI Price and Release Date

As four trim levels and pricing for 2021, the 2021 Volkswagen Golf GTI only has two trim levels now. The bass S, and then you have the SE. Now, as for the bass s with a manual transmission coming in the right around twenty-eight thousand six hundred dollars. If you want that DSG transmission, it’s another $800. on the SE, you start out at thirty-two thousand one hundred ninety-five. And with the DSG right under $33,000.

Now I mentioned some of the features that you get in the autobahn package that comes in around $4,300. Lastly, let’s look at the good and bad to this brand-new Golf GTI. Started with the good, it definitely has great hot hatch looks. It has a decent amount of second roll room and trunk space. You get great acceleration with that good engine and transmission combo. Inside its upscale, and you have a high-quality cabin. It is also very quiet, and you get comfortable seats. Lastly, you get an excellent steering feel.

As for the bad, there are a few things as well. Auto climate control is part of an autobahn package that you have to opt for. Same thing with standard safety features such as death with cruise control and Lane Assist. That’s also part of the autobahn package. With the driver’s seat, you get half manual half-power adjusting features. You only get one USB port an entire car. The warranty reduction from six years to four years is a bummer. And lastly, the eighth generation golf is coming very soon. If you’re looking for a great looking hatchback that is loads of fun to drive and is practical for everyday use. There are very few cars that can compete with a Golf GTI.