New VW Golf MK8 2020 Interior, Release Date, Specs

New VW Golf MK8 2020 Interior, Release Date, Specs – This is the market Volkswagen Golf your new version of one of the world’s most popular family cars. And it is the top ten things you need to know about it.


The first thing regarding the new Volkswagen Golf is its styling or lack thereof. Although you get a slim new grille or round LED lights and chopper creases down the body. The new front end isn’t all funny-looking. In point, it kind of reminds me, someone. Who could that be, who is it? Monobrow issues aside this is still undeniably Golf. But which do you think looks the best this or a Mercedes a-class?

VW Golf MK8 2020 Exterior

VW Golf MK8 2020 Exterior


The new Golf can accelerate brake and steer itself on the motorway at speeds of up to 130 miles an hour. It won’t pay for any speeding ticket to get through. So don’t say I didn’t warn you, but that’s not the most amusing bit. Because this VW Golf MK8 2020 can talk to other cars. It’s the first VW with this tech as standard, and it can communicate via Wi-Fi with nearby Golf’s. As well as other makes of cars and even road signs if they’re fitted with a compatible electronic kit. So there’s a jam up ahead the car systems will know about it before you do.


The new Golf will be possible by three mild hybrids. Which combine a 1 litre 1.5-liter petrol engine and a 48-volt power supply to produce 110 130 or 150 horsepower. Their hybrid technology makes them 10 per cent more efficient than a standard petrol engine alone. To run something even cleaner go for the plug-in hybrid models called E Hybrid. These have a 1.4-litre petrol engine boosted by an electric motor to produce either 204 or 245 horsepower in the slightly hotter GTE version. These models can run on electric power alone for short distances as well. Good old fashioned non-hybrid models include a pair of one litre 3-cylinder petrol with either 90 or 110 horsepower. And a couple of 2-litre turbo Diesel’s with 115 or 150 horsepower.

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All versions of the VW Golf MK8 2020 get LED headlights as standard. But you’ll have to pay extra if you want the top-of-the-range IQ lighting system. This uses lights made up of 22 separate LEDs, which control by a camera mounted in the windscreen. If this spots a car coming towards you in the dark. The camera switches off the corresponding LEDs the blank at that part of the beam. So you don’t dazzle the oncoming driver.

VW Golf MK8 2020 Lighting

VW Golf MK8 2020 Lighting

VW Golf MK8 2020 Lighting

VW Golf MK8 2020 Lighting


The biggest revolution in this new Golf happens to be on the inside. Even basic models get an 8 in central touchscreen, and a multi-function 10 is digital drivers display in place of conventional cars. Which can present a considerable sat-nav mass at the flick of a switch. Pasha versions like this particular car you hear here get 2 10 inch screens.


You can expect the new Golf to start from around 20,000 pounds when it goes on sale in December. They’ll get you a basic 90 horsepower petrol version. Meanwhile, a full-blown plug-in hybrid GT model will cost more like 30 thousand pounds.


The new Volkswagen Golf will get a wide range of standard kit. Such as keyless start, three-zone climate control, lane keep assist and auto emergency braking as standard across the range. If you want a more sporty flavour your only choice until the GTI and our models will be the hour line. This gets beefed up 17-inch alloy wheels, chunky bumpers and high-gloss black trim. Plus sport seats and 32 colour switchable ambient lighting.

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The most impressive features are the new Volkswagen Golf’s interior. It’s like the Audi Car with full-width front air vent. VW is also taken a page at about is playbook with the cabin buttons. And switches there aren’t very many of them. And the few that they have put in there are more like touchpads and buttons with a sleek gloss black finish.

VW Golf MK8 2020 Interior

VW Golf MK8 2020 Interior


This new Golf is the first VW that you’ll be able to upgrade retrospectively. So if you bought a specific model and will pay extra because you need some more kit, then you can do that remotely. All you have to do is pay Volkswagen some more money. And then you can download that feature after you’ve taken delivery of the car. Just like you can with a Tesla.


Another great thing about the new Volkswagen Golf is the fact that your personal settings for the car are stored on the cloud. So if someone else has been driving your vehicle and fiddling with everything. You can reset stuff like the seating position, door mirrors, infotainment system and climate control at the touch of a button. And be downloaded from the internet and go back to exactly how you want it.