Renault Clio 2020 Interior, Dimensions, Engine

Renault Clio 2020 Interior, Dimensions, Engine – Evolution on the outside, revolution on the inside. This is their fifth generation, Renault Clio. Is it really the new Clio if you look at the fourth and the fifth generation side by side you’ll be excused for thinking this is a facelift. There are new headlights, new tail lamps, sharper creases on the bonnet. And to make things more confusing, generations four and five have very similar dimensions.

Renault Clio 2020 Changes

Exterior Design

The new Clio has four hundred and five centimeters in length. And is 12 millimeters shorter than the model it replaces? The wheelbase is now two thousand five hundred and eighty-three millimeters, a six-millimeter cut. The new Clio is 144 centimeters tall instead of 145 centimeters. But the width increased to almost 180 centimeters from 173.

Renault Clio 2020 Exterior

Renault Clio 2020 Exterior

Ford Fiesta and Peugeot 208 are slightly longer but narrower. Okay, but since everyone is about the same size and the new Clio is very similar to the old one. The same goes for the Fiesta, by the way. What does Renault have to stand out among other superminis?

Interior Design

Renault doesn’t beat about the bush and says from the outside clients like the Clio. So it evolved. However, the interior was so successful, it needed a revolution. Let me explain, cars today are full of electronics and driver aids. There is zero we can do regarding it, that’s the law. But to use all these electronic gizmos, you need the virtual instrument cluster and large displays on the center stack. I often read comments about how they look and feel like cheap tablets. And indeed unless you go for a premium brand. It’s hard to find a good infotainment system, in terms of how the screen is built and how the interface is designed.

Instead of putting the same old infotainment in the new Renault Clio 2020, the designers took everything that Renault and the competition have to offer. They compacted it and threw it in the trash. I haven’t seen anything that good in Renault since ever. I’m regretful, but this is going to be a long talk about the infotainment system. So if you are waiting for the other details about this car. Please go make yourself a sandwich I should be done by the time you come back.

The body is nicely finished with transparent plastic going around the edges. That rainbow effect is an anti-reflective coating. The graphics are modern and straightforward, the resolution is high. And now the best thing is the most intuitive interface I have ever seen in a car. The example is how to control the safety features instead of clicking-through multistage menus. All you have to do is swipe, and you get a picture of all the various safety systems scattered around it. Click on it to turn it on and off as simple as that.

Renault Clio 2020 Interior

Renault Clio 2020 Interior

You can also configure where the tiles go. So that you get the functions, you need to be arranged according to your logic. But engineers went further, and you can now reconfigure what was once a total nuisance, at least to me. For example, Renault’s version of keyless access. In Renault, I always had to deal with the self-locking and unlocking car. There is a proximity sensor in the car, so as you approach it with a key in your pocket, it unlocks.

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And then as you walk away, it locks again, and it makes a noise to confirm it. So I would load stuff into the boot, go open the gate, and the car would lock. Return to the vehicle, and it would unlock, each time with a friendly beep. And yes, I could disable their proximity unlocking, but then I would have to use the remote control actually to open and close the car. Because there was no button on the door handle. So access was no longer keyless.

And what about the cockpit itself, despite the car being wider it still feels like a supermini inside. I don’t know why they made the center console so wide at the knee level. Since it’s only for the gear lever, perhaps the designers wanted to keep the proportions right. And I do see how the LED strip encloses the driver’s side of the cockpit. But I keep bumping my knee on the edge of some element.

Regardless of the touchscreen, Rennell left a decent amount of buttons. So that you can access cars’ crucial functions. I could complain they are a bit small, and those around the AC controls are not very well visible. But I’m not going to because they are physical buttons. The only thing that irritates me is Renault’s new audio control joystick, I couldn’t figure out the old one, and I cannot figure out this one. You know why because I can’t flip and see it behind the steering wheel.

Renault Clio 2020 Engine

The Renault Clio 2020 also gets Park Assist, it works better than in the Peugeot. Which is no great achievement, but it takes too long anyway. So better take those parking lessons and learn to park on your own. Or get a BMW 1 Series which parks brilliantly and costs three Cleo’s. The engines, there is a range of 3 cylinder petrol with power ranging from 65 to 100 horsepower. And a 130 horsepower 4-cylinder petrol as well.

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In some markets, you may still get the 1.5-liter diesel 115 horsepower. Less powerful petrol models come with a 5-speed manual. And the 130 horsepower petrol comes with a 7-speed double-clutch gearbox. This is the 100 horsepower version with 160 newtons of torque. It accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 12 seconds. and should use just above 5 liters per 100 kilometers according to WLTP, and that’s achievable.

Renault Clio 2020 Engine

Renault Clio 2020 Engine

I will admit this engine is not for enthusiastic driving; also, the gearing is rather short. So you’ll have to upshift a couple of times during overtaking on a country road. And there is no sixth gear which would come in handy on motorways because sound insulation is poor. Never mind that three-cylinder Renault engine sounds rough at low speeds, especially when it’s called above 100 kilometers per hour it gets noticeably loud inside. To the point, you can’t hear the indicators. I realize that Clio is mainly a city car, but sometimes you need to take the ring road to get to another part of town.

And all these hard plastics further amplify the noise, Peugeot 208 is better in this department. Handling is much better than in the Peugeot 208 even when driving in a spirited manner. I know where the Clio will go, and it will go where I pointed. The steering may not be as direct as in the Peugeot 208 or the Ford Fiesta.

But the suspension is a good compromise between sporty and comfortable. Visibility is an issue, somehow Cleo’s right-wing mirror doesn’t have enough curvature. And I did manage to cut a few people off. This car really needs the blind spot monitoring system. Also, the central rear-view mirror doesn’t show you vehicles that are far behind because of the sloping roofline. So you have to lean actually to see what’s further behind you.

Renault Clio 2020 Price and Release Date

Prices of their Renault Clio started 13,000 euros in Poland. We get this RS line trim. Which in Germany is the intensity with an RS line package on top? With options that give us about 22,000 euros. Renault Clio 5 is a great improvement over the outgoing model. I’ll take it for the multimedia alone, maybe Renault did take a shortcut or two. But generally speaking, they listened to what the people, including nitpicking journalists like myself. I had to say about the car, and they improved it.